Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Finally Drew Something Worth Admiring!

Normally I'm terrible at drawing stuff just out of my imagination, but I did it. I was spending over a week at a friend's house (late March 2014), and one of the things we did was spend a few hours at her work for a few days.
As we got out of the car, she threw me her journal, "Here, write in this."
I asked her what sort of thing I should write, but she replied, "Anything!"
So, inside the cute, tiny coffee shop, I spent nearly three hours focused entirely on her journal. At first, I didn't know what I was doing, rambling random stuff on one page. By nearly the bottom of the page, I finally gave up and wrote: "Here's a random finger:" [sketch of my right index finger, poorly done]
The next page, I decided to make mysterious little lines I've often made out of boredom [and sometimes out of despair after drawing something poorly]. Soon, I realized I had made one of the coolest drawings I've ever made.

When I finally lifted my head from it and handed it to her, she laughed that she was wondering in such anticipation over what I was writing, as my face was very close to the paper and was silent the whole time. Right away, when she opened it to the page, she let out a strong "Wow". Yay! I was happy.
The only unhappy parts are how I drew the lady's bosom and how I made the lines too narrow underneath her nose. I don't like it. Oh well.
Lol I just noticed how it looks like the lady's mouth is open in a weird way! It's actually closed and smiling.

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