Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Mice That Fell in the Paint

I made a little bit of art on Pixlr and thought up a cute little story for it. I posted it on my DeviantArt. (Yes, I'm getting a little more artsy, even though I'm not really that good at any mediums in particular. The more you practice the better you get, though!)

Here's a little story for you:

There once was a pair of little mice that lived in a human house and loved to play. Sometimes they got into mischief, sometimes they got into trouble. One night, they got into both. 
Clark, the little boy who lived in the house, loved to paint. One day, he painted all day and got so tired, he went to bed without putting the lids on his paints! 
So, that night, when the two little mice came out to play, they found the paints open! The mice giggled, seeing the opportunity to paint themselves, and hopped in. But they quickly found that the paint was too deep, and they started to drown! 
"Help! Help," cried the mouse in the red paint. 
"Help! Help," squeaked the other in the blue paint. 
Suddenly, amidst their struggles to jump free, they shook the paints so much, they tipped over!
The paint spilled out on the floor, and they plopped safely into the puddles of gooey paint.
"Hooray," shouted the red-painted mouse.
"Yippee," sung the blue-painted mouse.
And together, they hopped giggling back to their safe little hole in the wall, leaving spots of blue and red paint behind.
The End