Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Old, Old Drawings I Pulled Out

  Wow. I haven't drawn in such a long time. Oh, well. Maybe soon I'll try sketching something. (I'm horrible at drawing from my imagination most of the time, so I prefer sketching something I see, instead.)
  Just now, I pulled out some old, unfinished drawings I did years ago. Here they are:

All of them were made when I was bored.
Two of them I created out of making a bunch of scribbled circles, seeing what I could make out of the overall image, and then filling it in.
None of it's based on any character, person, nor creature already in existence. Just made up on the spot.
This is the only reason why I like being bored: I have a lot of time to think and create things like this.
So, get bored. Create something.
You never know what will be fun and great to make.

Totally Random

  Last night, I was at a friend's house playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, didn't know what to name Link and Epona, so this happened:

Lol Didn't expect that. You're welcome.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

55 Ways to Keep Warm

  Hate the polar vortex? Yeah. Me, too. Even though I'm not in it, I have friends and family in the middle of it. So, here's some stuff I've gathered from different websites:

  1. Give someone a hug; better yet, form a group hug. Body heat works wonders! (the 'warm fuzzies' don't hurt either)
  2. It's time to consume some hearty meals: chili, soup, oatmeal, casseroles, baked potatoes, or anything else that provides comfort and warmth to the soul.
  3. Hot drinks are quite delightful as well: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or apple cider will heat you from within.
  4. Look at pictures from tropical places and mentally picture feeling warm.
  5. Bake, bake, and bake some more! Not only will you warm your kitchen and yourself, your house will also smell wonderful and feel more homey. (May I suggest homemade bread, cookies, or muffins?)
  6. Get moving! Do some crunches, dance to some music, or just run around the house like a crazy person.
  7. Build a pillow/blanket fort! Relive your childhood by piling pillows up high around you and draping blankets over chairs. You'll be surprised how warm you'll get under mountains of softness.
  8. Think warm thoughts. Close your eyes, picture an island paradise, and feel imaginary sand beneath your toes.
  9. Do you have wood or non-carpeted floors? Put down some throw rugs, couch cushions or blankets to gather warmth.
  10. Wear clothes straight from the dryer. Aaaah..there's nothing quite like that feeling!
  11. Nothing beats an old-fashioned hot water bottle in your bed.
  12. A freshly ironed shirt or pants can also do the trick.
  13. Pull out the blow dryer!
  14. Block drafts with a rolled up towel or a draft stopper.
  15. Cover up your windows with emergency blankets with a regular blanket, or tape a plastic tarp over them. It blocks out the old coming in through the glass.
  16. Sometimes you can trick your eyes with certain colors: choose 'warm' colors, such as golden yellow and fiery red.
  17. Close off any room you're not using. The door acts as another barrier from the outside air. Also, it stops air from circulating as much which decreases heat loss.
  18. Sleep in a sleeping bag underneath your regular covers. It will keep your own body heat closer to you.
  19. Place tin foil on the back of a radiator; it causes heat to bounce back into the room.
  20. Rearrange your furniture to avoid unstoppable drafts.
  21. Hang out in small rooms without windows and rooms located in the interior of the house.
  22. Keep your dog warm by putting jackets, sweaters, and booties on him or her.
  23. Putting recycled bubble wrap over windows add another layer.
  24. Microwave small potatoes and stick them in pockets for hand and body warmth.
  25. Cover an archway with a thermal curtain or a blanket to keep heat within.
  26. Lost power or very desperate? Use blankets and some scrap wood to build a room within your room. Use an oil lamp inside this until you can get better resources.
  27. Let your pets sleep on your bed for some cuddly warmth.
  28. Fill a sock up with some rice and heat in the microwave or on the stove. This can be used more than once and you can easily sleep with it.
  29. When cooking, make your food more spicy with ginger and pepper.
  30. Unexpected drinks before bed can be heated pineapple juice or warm milk.
  31. Instead of a standard or classic hot water bottle, buy a stainless steel one with a hard plastic cap. After filling with water, put it inside a long sock; it will never leak.
  32. If all the layers of blankets in bed aren't helping, you might want to try placing layers beneath you instead of only on top of you. Metal springs, from many mattresses, are thermal conductors and therefore will take the heat away from you.
  33. Some red wine can help give you warmth on a chilly day.
  34. Wash dishes by hand in hot water. Not only will this warm you, but you can leave it sitting later to create more humidity.
  35. Leave the bathroom door open during or after a hot bath or shower to create humidity within your house.
  36. Another way to make the air more humid is to soak small towels, wring them out, and place on hot-water radiators. While they dry, the air is humidified.
  37. You can fill an empty 1 liter soda bottle to use as a regular hot water bottle.
  38. Caulk windows and doors to stop drafts.
  39. Don't forget to close vents in unused rooms.
  40. Put storm windows on to add another physical protection from the cold air.
  41. Make sure there is enough fat in your diet. This helps your thyroid and metabolism to work properly which both affect your body's ability to stay warm.
  42. After taking a hot shower or bath, use lotion or oil on your body (it's like adding another thin layer of clothing).
  43. If you are still cold in bed after using layers of covers, create a make-shift tent out of more blankets. The air from your breathing will help warm you up. Also, beds with canopies work great for this as well.
  44. Use all the lights in an area when possible. Incandescent and halogen light bulbs both create light through heat.
  45. Buckwheat groats are a type of microbiotic. They will heat you up when eaten.
  46. If you can afford it, keep appliances turned on if they produce heat, such as computers and strong lamps.
  47. Open the dishwasher once the washing cycle is finished. Let the dishes air dry so the heat can escape, help humidify the house, too.
  48. Men can grow beards and women can avoid shaving their legs for awhile. (you'll be covered for most of the winter anyway).
  49. For an unusual winter accessory, cut the feet from worn out socks and put the cuffs around her wrists. These add extra warmth and block out the cold air to your arms.
  50. Heat bricks in the bottom of your oven and then wrap them in towels. Put them at the foot of the bed to keep you warm all night long.
  51. Wrap yourself up like a burrito in a heavy blanket.
  52. Laugh or yell: It helps warm up the body.
  53. It’s uncomfortably cold at night, so you can’t fall asleep very fast. Try: Staying awake at night and falling asleep during the day. At least it’s a little warmer during the day.
  54. Have a pet bird? Cover the cage with a blanket. Helps keep it insulated and traps heat.
  55. Turn on your oven and keep it open for a bit. If you have pets, keep it monitored or blocked off.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Love My Fulk-ing Last Name

  I have the kind of last name where, if you're an public school kid, you can't use my last name against me at school. Twice in my public school life, a kid tried to use it as a cuss word. The teacher got after them about it. So, all they could do was say, "Jennifer... FULK!!!"

  Years later, I thought it wouldn't hurt if I, personally, tried it out in high school one day: "What the Fulk!?" "Fulk you!" 
My history teacher told me not to. As he said it: "It sounds like the real thing."
  The class cracked up. Who would've thought that a student's name would almost be illegal in schools?

Another funny story: ALSO in high school, picture retakes were going on throughout the day one fall. It was going by alphabetical order. 
I just so happened to have a substitute teacher - in the same history class - that day. She was a spunky, funny young gal who was like a friend to the students, so everybody liked her. 
Now, get this: I was the ONLY student in the classroom whose last name started with an F. The alphabetical list was going by  F-a, F-e, etc. So, out of the blue - as we worked - the sub yelled out, F-U! 
Then, a boy on the other side of the room called out, "WHO???" 
The whole classroom erupted in laughter. 
The sub: "FULK!!!"

I don't know whether my face got beet red more due to laughing so hard or from embarrassment, but I know that was the best thing that has ever happened centered around my name.
So, that's what it's like to be a Fulk.
Fulk you.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What the 6/7 Dwarves from Snow White & the Seven Dwarves Would Look Like Clean-Shaven

I was bored last night, so I began thinking. And when I was thinking, I was also exploring the internet. Then I had this fancy: What would the dwarves from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves look like if they had no beards?
  So, I looked it up on Google images. Not one person shaved them. So I did. *mischievous grin*



Your welcome. :)