Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Headless Poptart

This morning, my mom brought me home a package of Poptarts. Now, I've noticed this has been around for a while, and I've also noticed something terribly wrong about this. So, using my terrible art skills using a computer (especially with a finicky touchpad: Ugh!), I've created something to open people's eyes with.

Message: Don't talk to headless corpses, unless they happen to be wearing the same outfit as you are. That's a cool way of making friends.

Kellogg's, your grim sense of humor is now out. Please continue to be awesome. XD

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Random -- I Made These

 Sherman Alexie once said that disco will live forever, so I made this. Tee hee!

Owl City

I Finally Drew Something Worth Admiring!

Normally I'm terrible at drawing stuff just out of my imagination, but I did it. I was spending over a week at a friend's house (late March 2014), and one of the things we did was spend a few hours at her work for a few days.
As we got out of the car, she threw me her journal, "Here, write in this."
I asked her what sort of thing I should write, but she replied, "Anything!"
So, inside the cute, tiny coffee shop, I spent nearly three hours focused entirely on her journal. At first, I didn't know what I was doing, rambling random stuff on one page. By nearly the bottom of the page, I finally gave up and wrote: "Here's a random finger:" [sketch of my right index finger, poorly done]
The next page, I decided to make mysterious little lines I've often made out of boredom [and sometimes out of despair after drawing something poorly]. Soon, I realized I had made one of the coolest drawings I've ever made.

When I finally lifted my head from it and handed it to her, she laughed that she was wondering in such anticipation over what I was writing, as my face was very close to the paper and was silent the whole time. Right away, when she opened it to the page, she let out a strong "Wow". Yay! I was happy.
The only unhappy parts are how I drew the lady's bosom and how I made the lines too narrow underneath her nose. I don't like it. Oh well.
Lol I just noticed how it looks like the lady's mouth is open in a weird way! It's actually closed and smiling.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Mom's Funny Attends Commercial

My mom is weird, but funny. She was joking around and we decided to make a video of it.

Brought to you by Attends underpants, for those who suffer from incontinence.