Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Old, Old Drawings I Pulled Out

  Wow. I haven't drawn in such a long time. Oh, well. Maybe soon I'll try sketching something. (I'm horrible at drawing from my imagination most of the time, so I prefer sketching something I see, instead.)
  Just now, I pulled out some old, unfinished drawings I did years ago. Here they are:

All of them were made when I was bored.
Two of them I created out of making a bunch of scribbled circles, seeing what I could make out of the overall image, and then filling it in.
None of it's based on any character, person, nor creature already in existence. Just made up on the spot.
This is the only reason why I like being bored: I have a lot of time to think and create things like this.
So, get bored. Create something.
You never know what will be fun and great to make.

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