Sunday, November 17, 2013


This pumpkin I carved portrayed Christopher Paolini's face. It took me about 6 hours to carve, a swollen finger for a night, and another sore one that lasted two days. Ignoring the pain, I was pleased to have won the battle.
  Let's go backwards on #paolinipumpkin's life, shall we?

This was today, on Christopher Paolini's 30th Birthday.
Last Wednesday, I turned his face around so I could get a better look of him. The next day, he totally caved pretty much how it looks today (above). 
Below are the pics I took last Wednesday.

On Halloween day/night:

(The other two pumpkins were made by my sis and mom.)

The process of carving #paolinipumpkin:
  1. Grab a printed-off picture of Christopher's face
  2. Sketch the outlines of his face with a washable marker, rubbing off mistakes until happy with results
  3. Poke a bunch of little holes with toothpicks over the drawn lines, being careful not to accidentally rub off the lines until it's all poked
  4. Stick toothpick straight through eyes to allow the candles to shine out
  5. Rub off lines with hand/damp paper towel
  6. Take a small *I don't know what it's called* (fancy butterknife?) and carefully slice through all the poke holes
  7. Use that same thingamajig to remove the skin of the pumpkin over his hair, moustache, eyebrows, and beard
  8. Cut out his beard with it
  9. Use a big, serrated knife to cut out his head hair
  10. Accidentally cut off the tip of his ear
  11. Observe that it doesn't look bad and stop freaking out
  12. Make the eyebrows, beard, and moustache deeper to allow the candle to glow through
  13. Apply various little finishing touches
  14. Clean pumpkin of pumpkin guts
  15. Stick a candle inside and wake up Mom in the middle in the night to show her
  16. She laughs and jokes that it's Gordon Freeman, asking me to take a picture of her with it making a smoochy face
  17. Strongly oppose the idea and send her back to bed
  18. Take pictures, clean up, put pumpkin on the porch
  19. Feel accomplished

And finally, before it was even born (carved). How adorable!

So, that's #paolinipumpkin
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