Thursday, March 12, 2015

Help Make My Dream A Reality!

I don't always post things I don't create, but when I do, it's something I feel important to share.
In this case, there's a petition to redo the movie Eragon, of which I have included the link for you to go to below. Overall, this means better actors, better match to the book's contents, better everything. Hopefully.
This is why I signed it:

While I read the Inheritance Cycle (except for Inheritance), it really helped me through an abusive situation as a kid. When I, years later, saw the movie, it brought me to tears at how poorly done it was. The series that helped me stay sane and have hope in life was torn apart by individuals who were obviously in for the quick money, who hardly at all tried to make it like the book. If they had loved Eragon as a book, they would have saved enough money to have given their biggest and best effort into making children's dreams come alive. Seeing this petition brought me to tears. I don't want to be blown out again, ending up having a smoking, weakly-glowing wick of a heart. I have long hoped and waited in silence for the day that may still come. I am the candle that still burns. 

Not like this sorry excuse of a book-to-movie:

Please sign it and share with your friends. In case you want to know that it's genuine, just go to author Christopher Paolini's Twitter page, @paolini and you'll see that he's shared it with his fans.