Sunday, June 7, 2015

Can Somebody Make These, Please?

A random thought popped up in my head. Although I'd probably not wear them (Or at least a lot), it'd still be a good laugh to see somebody wearing these:

Cow udder earbuds

Now, share the word! Let this be a wacky invention! I don't care about the money earned from it. Donate it to a good cause like to the Nepal earthquake relief or something.
Hey, I know! I can add to it and make this a list of random little invention ideas. That'll be cool.
Okay... let me think. Oh, and if I think up anything that's already been invented, please disregard it or tell me where I can find it and/or what company makes it.

Pringles chip chair (Hard plastic, with Pringles can legs.)

Deodorant stick body pillow (Looks just like a giant stick of deodorant. Of an actual company product or just a big "deodorant" on it. Memory foam, kind of like the talc stick inside real deodorant sticks.)

Jell-O cube gel chair (The kind of gel found in some shoe insoles. Wiggly, but heavy enough to stay in place!)

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