Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Love My Fulk-ing Last Name

  I have the kind of last name where, if you're an public school kid, you can't use my last name against me at school. Twice in my public school life, a kid tried to use it as a cuss word. The teacher got after them about it. So, all they could do was say, "Jennifer... FULK!!!"

  Years later, I thought it wouldn't hurt if I, personally, tried it out in high school one day: "What the Fulk!?" "Fulk you!" 
My history teacher told me not to. As he said it: "It sounds like the real thing."
  The class cracked up. Who would've thought that a student's name would almost be illegal in schools?

Another funny story: ALSO in high school, picture retakes were going on throughout the day one fall. It was going by alphabetical order. 
I just so happened to have a substitute teacher - in the same history class - that day. She was a spunky, funny young gal who was like a friend to the students, so everybody liked her. 
Now, get this: I was the ONLY student in the classroom whose last name started with an F. The alphabetical list was going by  F-a, F-e, etc. So, out of the blue - as we worked - the sub yelled out, F-U! 
Then, a boy on the other side of the room called out, "WHO???" 
The whole classroom erupted in laughter. 
The sub: "FULK!!!"

I don't know whether my face got beet red more due to laughing so hard or from embarrassment, but I know that was the best thing that has ever happened centered around my name.
So, that's what it's like to be a Fulk.
Fulk you.

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